Keep you business running smoothly through the holidays

The holiday season can drive any HVAC business crazy, but you can use these tips to manage the mayhem.

We all know that the holiday season is often not that restful in the HVAC world. Service calls can back up, techs may not have the parts they need, and customers can end up the last priority in a never-ending list of things to do. Here are some ideas to help you keep up with demand over the winter holidays.

Use these 5 tips to keep your business running smoothly this holiday season.

1. Call control

You may consider implementing a dispatch tool to help with the volume of calls coming in. The software is designed to schedule the most efficient route and time of service automatically, plus other helpful features to run your business efficiently.

2. Have backup

From on-call technicians, to backup office staff to handle phone calls, you're going to need plenty of people on-board. Understaffing a busy season could result in chaos. Considering outsourcing a staffing agency this season to get you and your team through heavy business.

3. Train, train, train

Giving your staff a refresher never hurts. You'll save time by making sure everyone is up to speed on industry best practices, customer service and business operations. From becoming a certified technician to HVAC sales and everything in between, we offer instructor-led and online courses to meet your training needs.

4. It's OK to miss a call

If someone is unwilling to wait for service, don't force technicians to rush through other calls in order to catch the impatient ones. Quality should always be your top priority!

5. Be patient

Have you ever tried doing anything in a hurry? It usually ends up taking longer because of all the mistakes that happen along the way. If you focus your energy on the task at hand, you'll be more efficient in the long run.
Did you know the LennoxPros app is stocked with digital tools to help you work more efficiently? From the Document Library to OEM Repair Parts and Warranty Lookup, use the app to get the job done faster.

This is a great time of year to practice fine-tuning your team for those busy times when you need all hands on deck, and boots on the ground.

A major key to handling any busy time is to be prepared. Make sure you’ve got everything you need to keep customers warm and cozy, and handle those last-minute service calls.

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