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Innovation is hard work, but Lennox® is always working hard to bring you reliable, high-performance solutions. In Lennox® dealers have the advantage. With so many exciting new products, Lennox® offers more winning solutions than the rest.

If you’ve been in high-gear like us, you might have missed some important information. Take a moment and refresh your memory on some of the new cooling products from Lennox®, they’re your all-access pass to the winner’s circle in .

Elite® XC20 air conditioner and XP20 heat pump

Elite® XC20 air conditioner and XP20 heat pump

Lennox’ Elite Series now features variable capacity. We’re expanding our inverter-equipped offering to bring precision comfort to more families. With true variable capacity operation and communicating controls, the ‘20’s bring some serious strength to the Elite Series.

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Dave Lennox Signature® Collection SL18XC1 air conditioner and SL18XP1 heat pump

Have you taken the Quantum leap yet? The SL18’ heat pump and air conditioner from Lennox® are technologically tough. Engineered with Lennox® Quantum™ Coil, these products bring reliability and durability into a new age. They’re lighter, more efficient, and built to stand up to what other units can’t. The SL18XC1 and SL18XP1 secure peace of mind for homes in the harshest environments.

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Dave Lennox Signature® Collection  SL18XC1 air conditioner and SL18XP1 heat pump
LRP14 packaged units

LRP14 packaged units

Lennox’ latest packaged unit is lean, but not very mean. In fact, it provides even comfort with pleasant sound profiles, throughout every season, without complaining. It’s also quite attractive and compact. The LRP14 packaged unit is a well-protected, money-saving comfort system that makes hard work look and sound easy.

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MPA ductless mini-split systems

Lennox’ ductless product offering recently received a thorough improvement in the MPA line. The new MPA ductless heat pump brings whisper-quiet, precision comfort to a wider variety of applications than ever. In large-tonnage single and multi-zone configurations, Lennox® now offers flexible, tailored comfort solutions to all those spaces where ductwork is part of the problem.

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MPA ductless mini-split systems