Leading the Pitch


As the old adage goes, if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. Well, your sales pitch is no stranger to that frame of mind. Consider giving your sales pitch an extra boost by leading your customer to buying indoor air quality (IAQ) and iComfort products - without being too pushy or sounding too "salesy." The secret? Lead to a solution, not with a solution.

Instead of leading your pitch with a comment about the latest and greatest IAQ product and its benefits and features, lead with insight about a problem the homeowner may be experiencing or is unaware of.

Some good insight examples include:

  • Did you know that pollutants inside the home can trigger asthma and allergies?
  • Did you know the inside of your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the outside of your home, according to the EPA?
  • Did you know you could save up to 14 percent on utilities just by programming your thermostat?

Starting with an insight leads to a larger conversation about the customer's family and their indoor air quality needs, which leads to a solution such as IAQ and iComfort. The more problematic the insight is to the customer, the more eager they will be to find and invest in a solution.

Remember, the value in leading your sales pitch with an insight is you get the homeowner to think about something they haven't thought about before. You're not "selling them," rather, you're being insightful, helpful, and branding yourself as a person who is there to help them improve the quality and comfort of their life.

Guest blogger Joe Jones is a regional business manager in brand management at Lennox Industries.


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