Lessons from Tim “The Toolman” Taylor

Who better to teach us customer service than Tim "The Toolman" Taylor? Like most of us, he's learned things the hard way a few times. With the help of wacky neighbors and a large family, "The Toolman" picked up a few lessons that we can apply every day:

  1. Practice with your friend. Tim and his coworker Al gave each other a hard time, but they were always there for each other. How can you apply this in the workplace? You can practice role-play conversations and scenarios with your co-workers to improve your customer service dialogues. Grab a buddy and brush up on your 1-minute sales pitch.
  2. Be a role model. Tim had three young boys looking up to him. Who is looking up to you? Be an example for those around you-your sales team, family, children and even clients.
  3. Take good advice. We all have mentors in our lives. When you're given good advice, don't be slow to act on it. Bonus points if your mentor gives you advice talking over a fence.
  4. It's tool time! No matter what was going on around him, Tim "The Toolman" Taylor never brought a bad attitude to the show. How does this apply to you? Never let a bad mood carry over into your work performance. Leave negative energy at the door.

Add a little bit of Tim "The Toolman" into your work ethic (maybe without the flannel), and Binford Tools just might sponsor you, too!

What's your favorite Home Improvement lesson?

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