Lessons learned from a contractor "sting"

A recent "sting" on NBC's Today Show revealed the dark side of HVAC companies that don't do the job right. A press release by ACCA said the segment revealed an important truth during the summer - shortcuts don't cut it.

Here are a few lessons everyone can learn from one company's national TV snafu:

1. You never know who's watching. Just because you're in the customer's private home doesn't mean that a bad reputation won't spread. Essentially, assume a house call is always a reflection of your business, from the $50 repair, to the $20,000 upgrade.

2. Educate the customer on all their options. Assuming what the customer wants or needs is mistake no. 1

3. Get yourself known. There are several marketing methods that will boost your company's reputation. Looking for the right contractor can be an arduous process - make it easier by putting yourself at the forefront.

What advice would you give to those companies that were caught on national TV?

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