Listen and Learn About Your Customer

Listen, then speak. It's a reverse order many salespeople and technicians aren't used to - but it makes all the difference.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America's Kevin Holland wrote about active listening on his blog, "The Exchanger." Holland is a big fan of letting customers close the sales and giving them a voice. Help yourself close sales and communicate with customers in two simple steps:

1. Put customers in the driver's seat: Let them tell you about their home or business, then offer your expertise when they ask you questions. Often, the customer just wants to be heard and feel in control. Customers sometimes feel too pressured by a salesperson to make a decision, so let them lead the conversation. Where do you come in? Ask a few key questions that will help you close the sale.

2. Adapt your sales pitch: Active listening will allow you to adapt your sales pitch or explanation of services. Every customer wants HVAC services, maintenance, or installation for different reasons. It's important to listen for those customer signals before you speak. Assimilate and relate to the customer. If they feel like they're truly getting a deal that's just for them, you're far more likely to leave that home or business a successful salesperson or comfort specialist.

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