Maintaining your professional reputation off the clock

Even when your employees are off the clock, they are still representing your HVAC brand. Your business' reputation matters - and one employee being irresponsible around clients or potential clients can damage it. Through stressing that around the clock professional behavior is expected of your employees, you'll be able to sleep safely knowing they have your brand's best interests at heart.

HVAC truck safety

If your employees drive your HVAC vans when off duty, stress the importance of driving responsibility. Your company's vans should only be seen in professional locations, and stay maintained with scheduled car washings and kept up to date on inspections. This will not only keep your employees safe, but others on the road as well.

Keep everybody responsible on social media

Maintaining a professional appearance on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn is key to for preserving both your technicians and business's reputation. While employees shouldn't abstain from social media altogether, they should make sure to have their profiles on private and remain professional so their followers will hold them in that light. Another reason social media responsibility is important is because it will protect you against network hacking.

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