Make Training a Tradition

Putting training on priority shows dedication to your employees and customers alike.

When your busy season heats up, it's difficult to focus on the foundation of what makes your customers rave about your business - training. Though, if it becomes a routine, you could be retaining a successful staff.

Here are some steps to starting the tradition:

Step 1: Pick a day
Block out time that everyone is available - with exceptions, like emergency service for a customer - and stick to it. Perhaps it's Tuesdays at 1 p.m. Just be sure that everyone can adhere to a weekly training schedule requirement.

Step 2: Line up teachers
Often, your main product lines will be happy to bring in speakers to give product training, like Lennox®. Or the state may award continued education for your employees. Nonetheless, you'll need a lineup of dynamic speakers to spark their attention and give employees that incentive to keep coming back.

If you don't have a speaker lined up for the week, make it an online course day!

Step 3: Reward
Maybe it's the salesperson with the most logged-in hours to the Learning Management System, or the technician with the highest end-of-year cumulative score. Reward those people, because they will eventually be your company leaders.

Begin the learning culture and make training a weekly "must."

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