Make your website work for the bottom line

Behind your name and logo, your website is probably the most influential selling tool for potential customers. So make sure your tools are working for you and not against you by adding to your website these three functions, which can influence a hefty change in your profit margins.

Here are three simple changes that make all the difference:

  • Search engine optimization: Using easily searchable local keywords or phrases can really boost your site's visibility. The more visible your site is to potential customers on major search engines, the easier it is for those potential customers to find your business. Check out simple plug-ins for your website like All-in-One SEO for WordPress, which aids optimization. For more information on how using local SEO can boost your site traffic, try websites like MarketingProfs, which blogs daily about marketing for large and small businesses.
  • Add search function: Don't lose potential customers because they can't find what they're looking for once on your site; adding a search box to your website is a simple way to make your customers happy.
  • Blog: Does your website feature a blog? If not, adding a direct line of communication from you to your customers can really bring in the dough. Make sure your blog features hot topic articles, information pertinent to the customer, and service coupons.

What website functions do you use to increase profitability?

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