Managing HVAC Employee Training

HVAC employee training should be top-of-mind, but it's hard to keep it there, especially when your busy season starts. With the right management tools and tactics, training can be easily monitored.

Manage your employee development and keep on top of your day-to-day through:

1. Investing in a program that provides management tools.
Programs like the Learning Management System allow you to track employee progress, see their online training scores, and assign courses to your trainees. Easily control and monitor progress through a comprehensive system that can be accessed anywhere.

2. Building in specific evaluation time.
Have scheduled meetings months in advance? Pencil in a quick 15-minute meeting each week to go over training progress and plan future training sessions.

3. Appointing a training coordinator.
If you'd rather not micromanage employee training, appoint a trainee to lead your team. He or she will be responsible for ensuring that assignments are completed on time and that everybody thoroughly enjoys their training experiences.

Training is important no matter which season you're in, so keep the momentum going.

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