Maximizing Your New Trainee's Results

By Mike Moore

Setting your HVAC Learning Solutions trainees up for success means more than simply signing the forms and paying for the classes. Here are three ways to maximize your employees' newfound skill sets before, during, and after they leave the classroom.

  1. Set the expectation. Meet with your employee to establish clear expectations on what this training means to you, to the employee, and to the company before class begins. Remind your trainee that training programs are designed to get results. Take the opportunity to define your performance expectations upon return, and suggest your employee set his or her own career goals.
  2. Communicate. Check in and encourage your student throughout the training, but also give plenty of room to focus on studying.
  3. Bring the training home. Inspire your employee to teach the rest of the office what he or she learned in the course with a short presentation at your next team meeting. Not only will this inspire your entire team, it will also reinforce the knowledge your trainee gleaned from the classroom. Just remember to prep your employee about this before leaving for training so he or she can take better notes during the course.

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