Product Spotlight:
Mini-Splits Provide Maximum Benefit in Any Weather

"The mini-split ductless market is the fastest growing segment in the industry,"

says Ryan Cross, Lennox product management lead for mini-splits. "With a small footprint and high efficiency, the mini-split is an excellent solution when a ducted system isn't feasible." Lennox dealers now have a full portfolio of mini-split options to offer their customers.

The MPA mini-split line, launched in April for residential applications, includes multiple ENERGY STAR®- qualified matchups for both single and multi-zone use, plus four indoor unit options with thermostat variations:

  • Wall-mounted units
  • Ceiling cassette units
  • Medium static ducted units
  • Ceiling/floor units
  • Remote-control or a wired, wall-mount thermostat

No Need for Ductwork

From family rooms to garages, mini-splits can deliver efficient climate comfort throughout the home. Ideal applications include older homes with ductwork that need repairs to be usable, new additions where cost is a factor, and spaces like sunrooms that cannot accommodate ductwork.

A Quick Fix for Cold Spots

A mini-split can also provide a spot fix for a hot or cold area in a home that has a ducted HVAC system. They are also an effective solution for different temperature zones. Maybe you have a "man cave" you want to keep at 68 degrees in the winter and TV room you want to keep a little warmer. Or, you may work with homeowners who work in a garage, but they don't like the sweltering heat in summer and the freezing winter chill. "A mini-split can help regulate the comfort with a little creativity," says Cross.

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