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Awkward? Maybe. Crucial? Definitely. If you want to succeed in sales, you must enforce this profitable practice. Role-playing isn't just for a high school theater class. This technique can be applied to the workplace, and it is something every boss should consider implementing into their employees' learning routine. Here are three situations in which role-playing can especially come in handy.

  1. Pitching a sale over the phone. Most customers don't like getting these calls. If you practice what you are going to say, and how to answer any questions, you will be more likely to make that successful sale, or at least create an interest in your company.
  2. Dealing with an angry customer. Upset customers can catch you off guard, and may make you feel nervous. Learning how to handle different scenarios of what they might say or ask can help you to put them at ease in a more efficient, civilized manner.
  3. Coming late to an appointment. Being late doesn't just make you look bad, but your entire company, too. If it's unavoidable, you need to know how to communicate with your customer when you arrive so that you don't lose their respect.

Get the ball rolling with a workshop. Bring in a few experienced professionals, and have them teach your employees all the tricks of the trade. Then, let them get hands-on and try it for themselves. Being prepared is the key to any job, and role-playing is an excellent way to get ready.

Our Master $elling ® and BuildaSalesperson T classes both focus on the power of role-play.

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