My best advice for selling HVAC to women

Selling to women has always been a hot topic in the industry. I've learned a lot in my years with HVAC Learning Solutions and I'd like to share my three greatest lessons on the subject.

Ensure she is safe

This is obvious, so I'll get it out of the way. The main takeaway here is to stay respectful in any circumstance. Don't walk inside until you're invited. Don't bring HVAC equipment into a home without permission. Keep the conversation professional. Be courteous to her time frame. Promptness and professionalism gives women confidence that they're in the right hands.

Empower her decision

Just like any customer-provide all the information needed for your female customer to make the final decision on her own. You are there for your expertise, but in the end, the homeowner will have the final say.

Go the extra mile

What can you do to make her home's needs a priority? How can you predict potential HVAC problems in her home? Perhaps if the household has a lot of animals, she'll need more frequent filter changes. If kids are involved, how does the unit affect their rooms? You have to think ahead to get ahead.

Follow these tried-and-true guidelines to keep your business the #1 choice for women.

I'm all ears to your opinions, advice, and insight on selling HVAC to women. Tweet me @HVACLearning.


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