NATE certification study groups

It's crunch time! NATE certifications are up for renewal - are you prepared to take the test? Take advantage of these tips to make your study time for employees a snap:

Getting a study group together: Getting a group together to collaborate on study efforts may be beneficial in regard to time, commitment, and experience. If you're taking the test for the first time, some members of your group may be re-testing for renewal, making them the perfect study buddy. Dedicating time to studying at home may be a difficult task, so committing to time out of the house before or after work will give you the chance for a few hours of uninterrupted, undistracted study time.

Learn from the best: Capitalize on experience from veteran technicians. Companies should suggest tenured members of the team be appointed as company advisors to help NATE testers along the way.

Study materials: Put together a company study sheet for employees. Having some unique information will give technicians an extra resource they may need to study. Also, lean on testing centers for study assistance.

What are your most beneficial study tactics?

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