NATE certified: no longer an option

You've heard me go on about the importance of training. Maybe I've convinced you, maybe I haven't. Maybe you've been trained, maybe you haven't. If my soapboxing on the subject hasn't swayed you, maybe another perspective will.

Electric Co-Op Today recently blogged about trained vs. untrained technicians. The post states that there "really are no standards that HVAC installers have to meet to get their job."

It then goes on, encouraging consumers to demand their HVAC technician be certified.

"...But that's just for starters. Sloboda said that when you call a contractor, `You really should insist that the person who actually comes to your house and does the work is the person with the certification.' Not everyone working for an accredited company is necessarily certified."

Are you going to listen to consumers and finally get trained? Good. Don't get left in the dust. Are you ahead of the game and already certified? Good. Keep learning and growing.

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