New course - Advanced Master $elling

By Mike Moore

This year, HVAC Learning Solutions is adding a great new class to its curriculum to bring your Master $elling® sales mojo to the next level. Advanced Master $elling operates on the premise that customers don't want to be sold to; however, everyone wants to buy. To this end, those who take the class (it's recommended for those who've completed the Master $elling course) can prepare to learn selling tips and techniques from the best instructors in the industry.

I talked to HVAC Learning Solutions Instructor Eric Andrews to get a sneak peek at the most powerful pieces of wisdom that'll be shared in the course beginning this fall.

"The Advanced Master $elling course is designed to increase the Comfort Advisors' confidence level when it comes to presenting options and closing more sales, but it's really more about doing the right thing for the customer," he says.

Here are three reasons Advanced Master $elling is a great investment:

  • Master the art of sales - This class will sharpen your "relationship selling" ability. Discover the modern ways to grow your business through relationships you build outside of your team circle.
  • Learn to overcome objections - Through role-playing, advanced salespeople can hone techniques for working through customer objections to a sale. This class is ideal for helping you assess homeowners' underlying needs and how to meet those needs.
  • Get introduced to home performance contracting - Learn how to use testing tools and instruments to increase high-end equipment and add-on sales. Andrews says the Advanced Master $elling course will "show you how to honestly educate your customers about their options, and leave them wanting to own your high-end system along with the other add-ons."

Check out our class schedule to find an Advanced Master $elling class near you!

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