New how-to videos provide quick, on-the-spot training

By Jose De La Portilla

Ever been confronted with an issue on a service call but had no idea how to fix it? Instead of scrambling for fast - and potentially unreliable - online assistance, Lennox Industries has a new how-to video series that can give you quick, on-the-spot guidance.

These how-to videos, available through DaveNet® in The Learning Center, feature the hands of an experienced professional working through common issues step-by-step, allowing you to easily replicate the procedure. Each video also gives you recommendations for other training material to grow your skillset further.

You can learn a variety of topics to help you in the field, such as a quick and easy method for checking the capacitor on a running system or how to interpret specific equipment fault codes. One of my favorite videos demonstrates what takes place inside an air conditioning system by showing you how refrigerant runs through the system to provide home cooling and comfort.

Embracing sources like YouTube and social media to advance your education is a great idea, but you need to be certain of the accuracy of the information you find. Our videos ensure you learn correct, concise, and impactful content from someone you trust. At Lennox, we want to not only provide you with the best in HVAC practices, but we also truly want to see your business succeed. We figure one of the best ways to do that is by offering important tool sure to benefit you and your organization.

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Guest blogger Jose De La Portilla is the Technical Training Manager for HVAC Learning Solutions.

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