New to sales? How to handle objections like an HVAC veteran

If you're new to HVAC sales, you'll soon realize that you won't get a "yes" on every sale every time. However, most HVAC sales objections can be easily addressed and overcome. Here are some of the most common sales objections and how to handle them like an HVAC pro.

What they say: "I don't have the money right now."
What they mean: "I don't feel like paying for that." Most people are not prepared for the significant expense associated with replacing at home comfort system. Not everybody has a few thousand dollars lying around for a new unit, and they may not see the need if their current unit is still working. So it might not be that appealing to shell out money for heating and cooling when summer vacation time is approaching.
What you say: "We have several financing options which we can consider to help you and your family enjoy the benefits of greater comfort and utility savings." Smaller payments are easier to handle than lump sums. If you have a no interest option, it will give them time to accumulate the capital to pay off the loan before interest charges are accrued.

What they say: "I need a second opinion."
What they mean: "I want a better price." Smart people shop around for the best prices, and you're just one of an average of three quotes someone will get when making a purchase decision.
What you say: "What do you hope to learn that I haven't already shared with you by getting other bids?" This will identify the real reason for the objection. If it is price, then pricing can be delt with. If they truly want to get other bids, then you want to get back in the house to help with their decision process.

What they say: "I need to talk to my husband/wife."
What they mean: "I can't decide." Purchase decisions are often a joint effort between spouses.
What you say: "If he/she were here, which would he/she choose?" If the customer knows he or she can make a decision and justify it to their spouse, they'll be more likely to give you a yes. Always offer to visit when the spouse is home to be able to answer questions and seal the deal.

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