New Ways to Close The Sale Part 1

A salesperson is only as good as the sales process he practices. I've met many salespeople who have been using the same process since they started in the industry, but as products and services change, shouldn't your sales pitch change too? Invest in a new way to sell and invest in your own success.

I sat down with Vickie Ashmore, HVAC Learning Solutions Training Manager, to talk more about the SPIN selling process.

Moore: Vickie, tell me why people in the HVAC industry need to know about SPIN selling.

Ashmore: "Unfortunately, most sales personnel are focused on the features and benefits of the product and not on uncovering the true needs of the customer. But, did you know your closing rate increases the more you ask the customer in-depth and quality of comfort questions?

According to Neil Rackham, author of SPIN Selling, asking questions throughout the sales process allows the sales person to uncover the customer's explicit needs. And during this question and answering process between the homeowner and sales person, the homeowner discovers the seriousness of their problem and is ultimately motivated to buy."

Moore: SPIN selling sounds like a great tool for HVAC sales personnel. How can this process assist in eliminating sales objections and lost leads?

Ashmore: "SPIN goes beyond objection handling and closing. In fact, questioning practically eliminates objections, because the more you know about the customer's explicit needs, the more you can help them."

In part two of our blog, I'll talk more about SPIN selling and walk you through an example of SPIN-style questioning.

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