New Ways to Close The Sale Part 2

In part one of my series, New Ways to Close the Sale, I sat down with HVAC Learning Solutions Manager of Training Vickie Ashmore to talk about a new selling technique called SPIN selling.

Today we will touch on some examples of SPIN selling and some selling resources available through DaveNet.

So, let's say you're in the home of a customer and you're trying to assess their needs. Go beyond products and services and get down to the customer's wants and needs.

Consider this scenario:

  • Salesperson: "Are you experiencing any hot or cold rooms with your current system in your home?" This is the only question a typical sales person would ASK and, upon hearing the homeowner's answer, would immediately begin selling the product.
  • Homeowner: "Yes, the bedroom gets warm in the summer."
  • Salesperson: "Does this impact your sleeping?" Additional questioning by the sales person uncovers the customer's explicit needs.
  • Homeowner: "Yes, I tend to sweat at night during the summer and get very little sleep." This comment by customer vocalizes the seriousness of the problem and motivates him to buy Variable Speed for even temps in the home.
  • Salesperson: "Has this ever affected your performance at work the next day?"  Another question to uncover the customer's explicit need (this question could be costing the homeowner money, as the homeowner is less productive at work).
  • Salesperson: "If I could provide you a solution to eliminate sweaty nights so you are sleeping better and more productive at work, would you be interested?
  • Homeowner: "Yes!"

The SPIN method is just one of the ways to look at your sales process. Learn more about how you can increase your questioning techniques and close more sales by viewing our eLearning course Energizing the Team Series Module 1 titled "Discovering Your Customer's Explicit Needs," which can be found in the Learning Center by accessing > Partner Resources > Learning.

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