On-Site Safety Tips that Are Easy to Forget

On-site safety is critical in the HVAC industry. Brush up on these five tips to stay healthy and safe on the job.

We can’t overemphasize the importance of on-site safety in the HVAC industry. Even for pros that have been in the industry for more than 25 years, it’s easy to get so used to your daily routine that safety takes a backseat. Before you head out on that next job, brush up on these top five major safety tips that sometimes even experts forget.

  1. No matter how uncomfortable they are, safety glasses are a must! Flying debris can cause an eye injury. Even with quick reflexes, you won’t be able to react fast enough.
  2. Wearing gloves will help prevent lacerations or electrical shock, and also afford some protection against refrigerant burns. When R22 or R410A are released into the atmosphere, their temperature ranges between -40°F to -60°F. A good pair of gloves can prevent a career-ending injury.
  3. When using an extension ladder, it must extend outward from the wall at least one foot for every three feet of height. This will prevent you from falling backwards. Be sure the ladder extends at least three feet above the landing surface.
  4. Watch out for those summer temperatures. A cylinder of R410A inside a van that is 110°F will have a pressure of 366 psig, and a large cylinder may be 1500 square inches. The total pressure inside the cylinder will be 549,000 psig. Keep in mind that if it falls and is damaged, it will take off like a rocket.
  5. Air filters capture things like mold, bacteria, fungus and pet dander. Think about the last time you changed a filter in an attic. You probably pulled it out, and then took a deep breath because it was hot in the attic. You would have sucked that nasty stuff into your lungs. This leads to sinus and respiratory infections. Wear gloves and a disposable mask when changing filters. Your health is worth it.

Whether this is your first year as a tech or you’re a seasoned professional, safety protocols and safety-related training should always be at the core of your business, in the office and on the job.

Stay safe out there! Stock up on the protective wear you need.

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