Overcome selling heating and cooling maintenance challenges

Selling heating and cooling maintenance can save your customer's life and pocketbook.

But it's not always easy to get customers to see the value in regular maintenance - some see it as a system that, once installed, runs smoothly for many years. However, there are simple friendly reminders and/or horror stories that can kick this necessity to the forefront of your customer's mind.

System failure

Some of the worst-case scenarios have happened at hospitals or in single-family homes. It could range from a simple system failure (resulting in an expensive emergency call), all the way to sparking and causing a major fire that burns your house to the ground. These stories aren't meant to alarm the customer; they're simply to show what the major risks are.

Life extension

Like a car, without maintenance and tune-ups, your customer's HVAC system won't run as well and will eventually show serious problems sooner than later. Aside from scheduling quarterly maintenance, customers should know when to request a house call.

Lower repair costs

Those serious problems resulting from deferred maintenance come at a price - a price some can't pay. Beside the fear of disaster, customers should know that your company may offer incentives like discounts and preferred customer care for regular maintenance customers.

With these facts, you would be hard-pressed to find a customer that says “no” to a practical cost.

Tell us: How important are maintenance agreements to your company's bottom line?

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