Peace of Mind in 15 Minutes

Selling peace of mind is easier than you might think - it's the little, generous touches that can leave the customer pleasantly surprised and coming back for more business. The greatest touch? The post-installation walkthrough. I'll tell you how it changes everything.

1. Reduce troubleshooting calls.
This is a great opportunity to talk with the customer about any concerns they have and to test out the inner workings of the newly installed system. If they have a good grasp on how to fix small problems, your office is less likely to get bogged down with calls.

2. Increase productivity.
Just 15 minutes with the customer helps cut down on time spent revisiting the home. Speed up the process with a Total Comfort Checklist to make sure you don't miss the boat.

3. Build trust.
For all the customer knows, the installer or technician is just there to do their job and leave. Surprising them with a walkthrough will inspire confidence in your knowledge and answer any questions.

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