Maintenance contracts the right way

Following all the way through on your preventative maintenance contract commitments

Does your business offer preventative maintenance contracts to homeowners? A maintenance (or service) agreement should be a part of your proposal process when discussing HVAC pricing with customers. Aside from providing a steady revenue stream back into your shop, especially during slow seasons, a preventative maintenance contract gives you the opportunity to:

  • Upsell new indoor air quality (IAQ) products.
  • Explore lead generation opportunities with homeowners.
  • Replace any failing parts before they break.
  • Catch minor problems before they become major ones.

Maintenance contracts can be a tough sell, especially since some homeowners perceive them as a waste of money after purchasing a new system. Nothing could be further from the truth, because regular, scheduled maintenance helps to:

  • Extend the life of HVAC units.
  • Reduce utility bills.
  • Prevent unsafe operating conditions.
  • Avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Get priority service if a homeowner’s system needs repair.
  • Provide peace of mind.

Keeping up with your customers’ maintenance contracts

Successful maintenance contracts should be monitored and scheduled by your office manager, so they don’t become a scheduling challenge or interfere during seasonal peak times. Sending a notice to your customers that a technician is coming out on a scheduled day shows you’re on top of your business and committed to customers’ service expectations.

Developing dedicated maintenance technicians

A well-trained team can help your business succeed by following up with new customers, offering expert advice or making recommendations regarding their new system or equipment. Many of the top HVAC companies have technicians who specialize in preventative maintenance. This strategy provides flexibility in scheduling instead of a versatile technician who does everything. Technicians who are trained to excel in customer communications can open the door for possible solutions, such as suggesting smart thermostats for busy lifestyles or better ways to save energy.

Equip your techs with homeowner communication skills

Did you know that we offer training to help your technicians build rapport with customers, and learn how to bring up the topics of recommended repairs, replacement, and maintenance agreements? Tech Communications™ is a two-day, instructor-led class for technicians who are ready to go beyond “just fix it” to “how can we help you improve it?”

When offering preventative maintenance contracts, make sure you give your customers the service they expect. Are you ready to build a stronger, more expert team dedicated to getting and following through with maintenance contracts? Lennox is here to help your team gain the expertise they need.

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It’s hard to do maintenance without parts and supplies. Here are a few to help you out.

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