Protect your gadgets: three must-have tablet cases

Protecting your tablets and other technology is just as important as knowing how to use them. Think about it - this prized possession travels everywhere with your team, so why not give it the tough cover it deserves?

The following are some suggestions for the best protection HVAC businesses can buy:

1. The "HandyShell" case
Ideal for: sales.
Sturdy, with a mobile and versatile handle on the back, this cover makes presentations super easy - set it on a kitchen table, use your free hand to hold it without slipping, and hang it along with other work accessories after a hard day's work.

2. The protective zip-up
Ideal for: technicians.
Rugged and perfect for technicians handling lots of tools, this all-encompassing zip-up case can easily fit small paperwork along with that precious tablet.

3. The foldable presentation
Ideal for: business owners.
Easily protect your screen, and with just a flip, instantly have a great platform to surf the web or show coworkers insightful findings.

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