Q&A - How Can I Increase Sales With the Higher-tiered Lennox iComfort S30?

By Kyle Golden

In Part I of this two-part series, Kyle Golden, regional business manager at Lennox Industries, covered the dealer benefits of offering the Lennox iComfort® S30.

In addition to dealer benefits, there are so many great homeowner features on the iComfort® S30 that it practically sells itself. This product provides many unique solutions by addressing four key homeowner needs: saving energy, clean air, comfort, and convenience.

  • Saving energy - In the past, homeowners have relied on a programmable thermostat to assist with energy consumption, but the problem with this product is you have to set your schedule based on what you think it will be. In reality, nobody's schedule is predictable. With the Smart Away™ Mode on the S30, homeowners can easily save money without touching a button. Smart Away™ Mode works with homeowners' smartphones to detect where they are in relation to their house. If they leave, it automatically adjusts the temperature, saving homeowners money. If they return home, it brings the temperature back to the normal setting so they're comfortable.
  • Clean air - Forty percent of kids and 30 percent of adults suffer from some sort of respiratory problem. Poor air quality can make these issues even worse for these individuals, but the iComfort® S30 gives allergy relief exactly when it's needed with the Allergen Defender feature. The iComfort® S30's Allergen Defender monitors outdoor air quality and pollen levels and automatically turns on the system's fan to clean the home's air when outdoor levels are high.
  • Comfort - Many factors influence your comfort. Think about the weather. When the temperature is 90 degrees, meteorologists sometimes say that humidity makes it feel like 97 degrees. The iComfort® S30 Feels Like™ Temperature makes indoor air feel the way you want by factoring in outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, and humidity.
  • Convenience - Discovering a problem early can keep a quick fix from becoming an HVAC nightmare. With advanced warning and remote monitoring capabilities, the iComfort® S30 makes it easy to detect system errors before they get out of hand.

So even though a schedule, the weather, or the air quality in a neighborhood may change, the iComfort® S30 smart thermostat will adapt to help deliver energy savings, comfort, and peace of mind.

For more information on the iComfort® S30, check out our feature videos and product details. We also have eLearning courses available on LennoxPROs in My Learning to help you improve iComfort® S30 sales offerings, perform faster installations, and deliver high-quality customer service.

Guest blogger Kyle Golden is a Regional Business Manager at Lennox.

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