Q&A - How Can I Increase Sales With the Higher-tiered Lennox iComfort® S30? Part I: Dealer Benefits

By Kyle Golden

Hi Kyle, I'm looking for an easy way to increase sales and promote higher-end Lennox products. Do you have any advice on products or techniques that could increase my profits?

- Will P. from Los Angeles

Hi Will,

Adding Lennox Industries' iComfort® S30 smart thermostat to your product line is a great solution to your current challenge.

Imagine if you could perform faster and easier product installations, become aware of all system problems before they become an issue, and offer customers features and benefits that have never been seen before in the HVAC industry. The iComfort® S30 delivers on all of these promises.

This smart thermostat caters to three main dealer needs:

  • Simplifying installation - The iComfort® S30 streamlines installation, tasking, and service processes to help you focus on customer service. Unlike a typical installation, the S30 automatically detects communicating equipment and configures the system, making installations faster and easier.
  • Troubleshooting problems - With the iComfort® S30's remote monitoring capabilities, you receive automatic notifications when a problem occurs with a homeowner's system. You can then log in to DaveNet®, see the system status, diagnose the problem, and potentially troubleshoot the issue remotely. In many cases, dealers are able to immediately notify homeowners about a problem with their HVAC systems before they even realize something is wrong. This proactive customer service will keep homeowners at ease knowing their home comfort is in good hands.
  • Increasing profit - The advanced warning and remote monitoring capabilities of the iComfort® S30 add value to a service contract, and homeowners will be willing to pay more for these premium benefits for the peace of mind. Happy homeowners who don't have to worry about HVAC maintenance are a dealer's best friend. They'll refer a company with quality customer service to friends and neighbors. Additionally, the iComfort® S30 can encourage sales for higher-tiered equipment since it's designed to work with Lennox' advanced products in our Dave Lennox Signature® Collection or Elite® Series.

And those are just some of the benefits for HVAC dealers. Check back on Thursday for Part II of this discussion for more details on homeowner benefits that address four key needs.

For more information on the iComfort® S30, check out our feature videos and product details. We also have eLearning courses available on DaveNet® in My Learning to help you improve iComfort® S30 sales offerings, perform faster installation, and deliver high-quality customer service.

Guest blogger Kyle Golden is a Regional Business Manager at Lennox.

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