What’s your HVAC Pro style?

Are you the type to always take work seriously? Are you the HVAC engineering expert?
Maybe you’re the life of the team? Take our fun quiz to find out!

Which image do you like best?

Love that IAQ A Love that IAQ.
Top Tech B Top Tech.
Super Filter C Super Filter.

What's your favorite HVAC digital sales tool on LennoxPros.com?

A AHRI Residential Matchup Tool.
B Warranty Lookup.
C Commercial Quick Quote.

Which of these is most interesting to you?

A Learn about airflow issues that can trip you up.
B These airflow myths are full of hot air.
C Watch out for these airflow misconceptions.

What's your favorite HVAC digital technical tool on LennoxPros.com?

A Product Document Library.
B OEM Repair Parts Tool.
C Product/Barcode Scanner.

What’s your favorite TV/streaming show right now?

A “The Big Bang Theory”
B “Game of Thrones” or “The Walking Dead”
C “Sherlock”

Which of these is most interesting to you?

A Learn best practices for switching to R407C.
B Don't let refrigerant standards freeze you out.
C Climate change got you down? Here's your R22 to R407C replacement guide.

Which HVAC article/video would you be more likely to check out?

A Don't Worry, Be Happy: Turning Complaints into Happy Customers
B Check Capacitors the Easy Way
C Find Product Documents

Which of these would you be most excited about?

A Achoo! Help your customers breathe easier with these tips.
B Be a heating season hero!
C Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...get ready for the new season.

Which summer 2017 movie do you prefer?

A “The Dark Tower”
B “Dunkirk”
C “Spider Man: Homecoming”

Did you know you can receive service updates, product release information and special promotions from LennoxPros via SMS and Push Notifications on your mobile device?

A Yes
B No
C What are push notifications?

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