Quiz: What's your HVAC working style?

The HVAC industry is full of variety, especially where the people are concerned. Take this quiz to discover your personal working style.

When you know what your working style is, you can better execute plans and collaborate with others. Complete the HVAC Working Style quiz to learn more about yourself in a professional setting.

The HVAC Working Style Quiz

When you come into the office in the morning, you:

A. Go straight to your desk and start working on your to-do list.

B. Sit down and plan your day down to the minute.

C. Talk to your team members about what they have going on for the day.

D. Ask your team members about their evening yesterday.

When you're working on a new task, you:

A. Dig right in and figure it out as you go along.

B. Think about how to do it and then tackle it.

C. Ask those who have done it before for advice.

D. Get someone to work on it with you; two heads are better than one.

When you're faced with a challenge at work, you:

A. Try something else right away.

B. See what went wrong and take action from there.

C. Find a solution, then share it with the team so they can learn, too.

D. Get frustrated and take a break.

At the end of the day, you:

A. Are proud and exhausted- you accomplished everything on your list.

B. Feel a little guilty because you were so immersed in your work that you forgot to call your family.

C. Make sure you say goodbye to everyone before they leave.

D. Check to make sure everyone is happy and leaving work on a good note.

If you answered mostly A, you're a doer. You'd rather get down to business and execute rather than spend too much time planning. People go to you when they need someone to get the job done. You'll benefit from pairing with a thinker for team projects.

If you answered mostly B, you're a thinker. You like to have a strategy and start work after planning your day. Your office counts on you for efficiency. Sometimes you get too bogged down in details, so enlist a doer to help with moving projects along.

If you answered mostly C, you're an inspirer. Your wit and know-how set a great example for the team. You make gloomy days sunny, and the workplace needs lifted spirits like yours. You tend to have a hard time getting serious or being formal. Practice discernment.

If you answered mostly D, you're a feeler. You like to make sure everyone around you is happy and feels cared for. You are most likely to be the one to pick up after others and make sure customer service standards are met. Take some time for yourself now and then.

Did you know that Lennox’ own training department, HVAC Learning Solutions, has an online curriculum for customer service? Whether you’re a doer, thinker, inspirer or feeler, this curriculum can help you build more rapport with your customers, increasing your effectiveness in the office and the field.

Whatever your HVAC working style, you can use the eTools in the LennoxPros app to save time and make your job easier. From finding OEM repair parts to looking up product documents to matching AHRI-compliant systems and more, we’ve got you covered.

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