Realistic Goals for your HVAC Sales Team

You want your HVAC sales team to sell - a lot. But first there must be a goal in place, so how do you determine realistic numbers for 2012?

Follow these three rules to set attainable goals for any business size.

1. Revenue, not profit.

Revenue is a more stable way of predicting the next steps because profit fluctuates.

2. Look at the last year in review.

How did you build revenue this year? Did you expand service to all makes and models? Did you rebuild a robust maintenance agreement plan? Look to those former milestones to help you see exactly what worked and determine what would work in the future. Also, look at how the market fluctuated. Perhaps a majority of your business came from the tax credit benefits, which are no longer applicable.

3. Put your loyal customers first.

These customers already believe in your products and services, so focus on their needs first. Before building out numbers based on the customers you anticipate gaining, talk about new options for your loyal customer base.

How do  you set realistic goals for your business?

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