Recovering from 3 common HVAC sales pitfalls

Here are three common HVAC sales pitfalls, and solutions for getting the conversation back where you want it.

Situation 1: Your client leads the sales process.

All of us will come across an aggressive prospective client at some point throughout our career.

What to do: Assume control of the conversation by asking direct, technical questions. Use it as an opportunity to humbly convey your skills as an HVAC professional. This will also help you find the right HVAC system to fit their needs.

Situation 2: Your client doesn't talk enough.

Remember that conversations and financial transactions are two-way conversations.

What to do: A good skill to have as an HVAC sales rep is the ability to read body language. If you sense your client is uncomfortable, take a few moments and pause before continuing the conversation. Explain their specific needs before diving into how much you know about the product.

Situation 3: You're talking to a "bottom-line" consumer.

This person only wants to know what they need to know and buy the cheapest solution to the problem.

What to do: Let them know that you want to help them find the best, most affordable solution and that paying a little more for a better option is smarter in the long run.

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