Rediscovering your business passion (and profiting)

Rediscovering your business passion is key to knocking out detrimental "business-as-usual" behavior. And reverting to your original desire and purpose can spark a better future business.

Feel yourself missing the purpose? Fear not: Rediscovering your business passion is only three questions away:

1. What's your business history?

Have you sat down to write about how your business started? (It's a great marketing tool, too.) It may make you nostalgic and remember what brought you to this point in the first place.

2. Who are your mentors?

Your mentors are also a key to your passion. Not only do they give you an outside opinion, but they also know how you've gotten to the point you're at professionally. These may also be ideal people to go into business with or bounce new ideas off of.

3. Does work feel like "work?"

This is the trigger point for most passionate business people. Is work starting to feel like an undesired daily task, or do you still enjoy it? If you used to enjoy work, what was it that made you feel purposeful?

Answering these simple questions will help you craft a vision of what used to be (or what was never there).

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