Clearing The Air

Offer your customers better indoor air quality and freedom from allergens, for better living this summer and beyond.

By: Casey Kelly-Barton

Summer isn’t just the busy season for cooling work. It’s also pollen season, so your customers may be seeking ways to beat allergies as well as the heat. That gives your technicians and Comfort Advisors an opportunity for additional sales.
“Studies have shown that comfort and indoor air quality are among the top three concerns of consumers, especially consumers who suffer from allergies,” says Sweta Hari, Product Management Director at Lennox International. “About 40% of kids and 30% of adults have some kind of allergy related to outdoor air conditions.” With new technologies from Lennox Industries, you can offer your customers better IAQ and convenience that no other manufacturer can match, for better living this summer and beyond.

Help Your Customers Clear the Air

The higher the local pollen count, the more frequently indoor air needs to be filtered to remove particles that waft in through open doors, window screens, and small gaps in the structure. Filters that screen out and neutralize pollen grains, volatile organic compounds, pet dander, and germs help everyone in the home breathe more easily.

Save Time and Hassles

Many homeowners try to fight allergies with air purifiers in each bedroom and living area. These appliances must be turned on and off manually, and they require frequent filter changes. In contrast, a whole home purification system delivers automatic air cleaning, cleaner air, and once-a-year filter changes.

To make life even easier, soon busy homeowners who own an Amazon Echo will be able to use Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home voice controls to adjust their iComfort® thermostat settings without interrupting what they’re doing, whether that’s cooking dinner, running on the treadmill, or watching TV.

Save Money and Energy

Single-room air purifiers can cost more than $100 each, and that’s not including the added cost of monthly filter replacements. In a large home, a whole house purifier that offers hospital-grade filtration can be a lower-cost, more energy efficient alternative.

Your IAQ knowledge and Lennox’ family of solutions can make your customers more comfortable and help you earn their loyalty. By helping your customers to breathe easier, you’ll not only give them a superior air quality experience, you’ll also be helping cement their loyalty for years to come. Learn more about IAQ solutions from your Lennox Territory Manager, and for more information on these products and others, visit

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