Revisited: Breaking sales stereotypes


Last month, I sat down with Lennox' Joe Jones to talk about some of the myths surrounding sales and Comfort Advisors in the industry today. From the amount of work they put in a day to their professional demeanor, Joe opened up about where he felt these stereotypes came from and how to diminish them in the workplace.

Didn't get to read the entire interview? Here's what you missed:

  • Comfort Advisors pump life into the business. Think of sales as the bloodline of the business. Without sales, the business can't function and pieces of the company will slowly begin to die off, so a Comfort Advisor's ability to turn leads into sales is a high priority.
  • Perception is everything. Even though HVAC is most certainly a team effort, when Comfort Advisors do a superior job, customers recognize the impact that Comfort Advisor has had on their quality of life, making them the common "heroes" of the industry.
  • Reel them back in. Combat the stereotypes about Comfort Advisors by requiring your field sales team to put a certain amount of weekly face time in at the office and communicate with other departments.

Guest blogger Joe Jones is a regional business manager in brand management at Lennox Industries.


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