Rush your service, hurt your profits

You want to be productive and reliable. You try your best to get a lot done in a small amount of time. While rushing around and being busy makes you feel productive and efficient, the fact is, your quality of work often decreases when your workload increases. In addition to creating a stress-free company culture, here are some ways to keep your quality, and your profits, up.

Help customers help themselves

When more calls are coming in than you have staff to handle, it would be great if customers with simple issues could handle those themselves. Post a FAQ or common issues page on your website, and you can save a lot of time on calls to change thermostat batteries.

Prepare before arriving at the customer's home

Taking a couple minutes before heading out on a call to review what the issue is, what equipment you may need, and where you're headed can cut down on rush anxiety, and, therefore, your potential to make mistakes.

Once you're there, focus on the customer

There's no point in thinking about the other calls you have lined up while you're working on the current one. Stay focused on the task at hand; the customer and the HVAC issue at hand should be the only thing you think about. You can worry about other calls once you arrive.

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