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Sales Tools First Look

Get the first look at the updated sales tools. See how our newest updates help you save more time, close sales, and work more efficiently than ever.

  • Generate Leads and manage your business with Lead and Customer Management Dashboard
  • Increase close rates with Proposal Builder
  • Find certified AHRI matchups
  • Create ACCA approved manual J load calculations

Build Professional Proposals

Use the Proposal Builder to present professional and tailored proposals that will wow your leads and close the deal.

  • Work with homeowner’s specific needs
  • Apply your business’s rebates and promotions
  • Learn how to set up your financing program
  • Set up your company profile, services and brand
  • Apply your company discounts

Fun with Pricing

One of the unique components of Proposal Builder is the new Pricing Tool. You’ll learn to how effectively use the tool and make it part of your sales process by:

  • Using Pricing Planner
  • Creating proposals
  • Correctly set up your pricing
  • Applying company discounts

Load Calculator Made Simple

No more confusing spreadsheets and hours of surveying. The Load Calculator helps you to create an ACCA-Approved MJ8 Report in as little as 5 minutes! Attend this live webinar to learn how you can save time and money for you and your lead.

  • Customize dimensions
  • Calculate in block or room-by-room

Generate Leads and Manage Your Sales Funnel

The Lead and Customer Management Dashboard allows you total visibility to your company’s sales, leads, closing rates, and much more.

  • Opt-in to receive leads
  • Set up your company
  • Create a proposal
  • Create leads
  • Add a lead
  • Overview of Sales Tools

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