Sales: who is your first point of contact?

The HVAC industry can be a boys club. Which is problematic because women are the key decision makers when it comes to major home purchases. Your team's ability to sell to women is extremely important.

Here are four tips for mastering that buyer persona:

  1. Respect. Treat both your customer and their home with respect. Small details like covering your shoes when you enter their home make all the difference.
  2. Understanding. Show concern for problems and answer questions assuming that the customer may not know the jargon. This will give them peace of mind - they will feel comfortable with not only the products you are selling, but also having you in their home.
  3. Truth. Although respect is important, women want it told to them straight - ridiculous sugar coating or manipulative sales tactics won't get you far.
  4. A Relationship. Women are more likely to develop business loyalty - if you fulfill the three tips above. Women are also more likely to share a good recommendation with friends, increasing your business's visibility of your company, as well as reputation.

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