Secrets to Recruiting Newer Generations

Generation X, born in the late '60s to early '80s, is actually a larger group than the baby boomers, but so few enter the HVAC industry - a problem that also plagues the Millenials, many whom are now entering the workforce.

Here are a few ideas on how to appeal to those generations when recruiting:

  • Create the culture: Generation Xers want to know their voice will be heard. When recruiting, highlight the key cultural aspects that make your company "GenX approved," like management structures, company tone, and overall fluidity of workflow.
  • Offer opportunities for diversity: These groups like variation in their day-to-day work and the idea of multiple career paths. Take advantage of their desire for diversity and give them jobs with multiple responsibilities. Just because you need a new technician doesn't mean you have to hire just a technician - give him or her opportunities to branch out in other departments, or give him or her a challenge to head up an internal team.
  • Get in front of them: The best way to recruit these groups is in a way that responds to their ideas and culture. Try organizing a booth at a local career fair or hosting an open house at your business with mini interviews.
  • Technology forward: Tablets and mobile devices are a must have for these generational groups. Let your future recruits and potential employees know how your company integrates the technology they know and love into their daily jobs.

How do you recruit new talent?

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