Sell the career, not just the job

Careers in the HVAC business is what will keep new talent circulating in. Your employees need to know that their job as your installer or technician is going somewhere - that there's a career path.

In fact, treating HVAC and general field service as a career will also help in retention - workers are more likely to stay with a company if there are growth opportunities beyond current job responsibilities.

So how does a company shift its mindset from a series of jobs to a "career environment?"


If a company takes time to train its employees consistently, it obviously cares about growth within the company. HVAC training is both for job skills and personal development. Careers often include well-rounded extensive training.

Company Culture

Characteristics of a career mainly revolve around the attitude of employees and most importantly, leaders. Are employees seen as there for only one purpose, or are they utilized in multiple areas of the company? The company culture should empower the employees to make their own decisions and contribute ideas to the company's well-being. Now that's what I call a team.

What has the career mindset done for your HVAC company?

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