Selling Gen-Y

By Mike Moore

Good Comfort Advisors knows their audience, but great HVAC salespeople know how to tailor their sales pitch every time they meet a new customer. Years of experience in the industry sharpen this skill, but I've found that everyone can improve their sales techniques no matter how far along they are in their careers.

General selling can be a difficult task to undertake, but with the right tools you can master the art of selling to one particularly challenging demographic: Millennials.

Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Utilize references. Millennials are more likely to trust an HVAC salesperson or business that friends or family have recommended. Use your current customer base to gain access to a younger audience by employing a referral program.
  2. Have a digital influence.You already know the importance of maintaining a social media presence, but are you doing it correctly? Be sure to adjust your content to meet the needs of your customers by providing timely, relevant information. Doing so can leverage your online audience and help you achieve a competitive advantage.
  3. Let them learn. The average Gen-Y customer is probably a first-time homeowner, so his or her knowledge of HVAC equipment and maintenance requirements may be limited. Take this opportunity to use your industry knowledge and educate your customers.
  4. Use humor. The all-business approach may work for some customers, but Gen-Y appreciates something with a little more flair. If you can relate to your younger customers on a humorous level while still maintaining professionalism, you have a better chance of closing the sale.
  5. Make your point. Always be brief and direct when addressing Gen-Y customers. Millennials pride themselves on making quick, educated decisions. By being straightforward, you can show your customers you value their time and consideration.

The Millennial generation presents unique challenges, but they represent unique opportunities, too. Follow the above tips, and you'll be off to a great start in mastering communication with customers in their 20s and 30s.

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