Selling maintenance agreements for spring

It's maintenance agreement season again and you as well as your competitors are pushing for scheduled maintenance as an add-on service with clients. But how do you prepare for it? Why would they buy it?

The following are tips on how to get your customers and staff geared up for maintenance agreement season:

Train to sell

Salespeople are there to sell the maintenance agreement, but technicians should have the skills and tools to upsell should the opportunity arise. Send them to the same training classes your salespeople sit in on (especially when it comes to maintenance agreements).

Leverage referrals

Get your foot in the door - now is an ideal time to ask your customers for feedback. Start a referral program that gives the referring customer a free maintenance checkup. The customer will see the value in that checkup and it's a great way to pick up more customers.

Warning against discounting

Remember what happened to Pizza Hut with the $10 pizza incident? If your maintenance agreements get a bad reputation for being cheap at one point, then expensive at another time, it can become unprofitable for your business.

How do you handle maintenance agreements in the springtime?

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