Selling techniques that aren't sales-y

There are selling techniques that make the customer feel welcome and not pushed. This is especially important when you're selling HVAC accessories. With a great set of selling techniques, your customer won't realize that you are "upselling."

Here's how:

  • Listen first
    So many technicians or salespeople don't invest in identifying customer needs. They think they know exactly what the customer wants, but that's not true - your ears will be your greatest ally. You execute this in the "assessment" stage of the S.C.O.R.E. sales process, which is one of the selling techniques effective field service salespeople use.
  • Be consultative
    A customer responds best when you're fixing a need - it's a hero mentality. If you're bent on selling a specific accessory that the customer doesn't need (as you found out through listening in the assessment phase), the customer may get turned off. It's about timing and finding the "right fit" for whatever product you may sell.
  • Leave a lasting impression (whether or not you close)
    A good relationship starts with a good first impression. Whether you sell HVAC parts or not, keep that rapport going with the customer. He or she may be calling you three months down the road asking for solar or any other variety of products, and you'll be the first person on his or her mind.

Keep these selling techniques in mind for every call.

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