Service management and the essential ride-along

Service management is meant to be your technician's checkup (say, quarterly). It's not to say your technicians aren't doing a fantastic job already. But it's the manager's due diligence to ensure their team is doing the best possible for its customers.

To get the most out of the experience, invite the technician to:

  • Bring the right tools. Keep a fully stocked truck so that there will be no back-and-forth and the ride-along will go smoothly. The technician should dress well, too.
  • Ask questions. While the technician performs calls, the manager should invite questions from the technician. "How can I better engage the customer?" and "What could I have done better in that call?" are great questions to start with and it's a training opportunity.
  • Let the technician do the talking. The purpose of the ride-along is to see the technician in his or her "natural state" at work, not run the call yourself.

What do you think is most valuable about a ride-along?

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