Should technicians upsell?

Not all HVAC technicians are salespeople in companies, but that doesn't mean they can't help boost sales. Technicians are often the second point of contact and therefore have the golden opportunity to upsell.

Here are a few tips for HVAC technicians to pitch in:

1. Don't decide what the customer can afford. The customer will pay for what he or she can afford, and it is never your job to decide what one can financially invest in. So, don't be afraid to offer what you have.

2. Talk with the customer like a normal person. The best way to work upselling into the conversation is by having just that, a conversation.

3. Notice what the customer talks about. What does the customer say about their system? Do you hear key phrases like, "I wonder if there's a way I can avoid mishaps like this." That's your cue to offer a maintenance agreement.

Upselling is simple (with much less pressure). Now that's doubling your profits.

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