Should you loosen your HVAC business' red tape?

Every business needs to have a plan and a process - a system of checks and balances to maintain accountability and designate responsibility. However, too much "red tape" can affect advertising, internal relations, work morale, and even profits.

Refine your business plan

Through business process modeling, you can put on paper what it is you envision for your HVAC business. Write a mission statement and delegate roles and tasks to every employee. It's also important to have a system where tasks are double checked so mistakes are caught.

Adjust your process

Process can kill a business. People are people, not machines. While it's good to have a model for how your business runs, don't forget the human element. Your marketing manager might have to make a last-minute decision without your approval. Your general business manager may want to hire someone through unconventional interview methods.

Whatever the situation, don't let rules and regulations restrict creativity or efficiency in your HVAC business.

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