Should your HVAC business send e-newsletters?

My goal through this blog is to bring you the best ways to further your HVAC business. Focusing on customer service, growing your knowledge in HVAC skills, and staying on top of the competition are all ways to expand your contacts list. What if I told you that you could excel in each of these areas with one simple business addition? Add e-newsletters to your business strategy.

Remain present in the mind of your clients

This means customers will remember your HVAC business first when their unit crashes. No one wants to spend a lot of time researching local repair shops. E-newsletters make this decision for them.

Establish your business as the HVAC expert

Share regular maintenance tips in your e-newsletters. Offer advice. This is your chance to show customers your expertise.

Increase your web hits

Drive readers back to your company website, social media outlets, and business blog if you have one. Provide working hours and contact information. This is all information you want customers to find anyway. E-newsletters help them find it!

Communicate with cost effective speed

E-newsletters are a cost effective form of communication. If you have a new product, service, or limited-time promotion, you need people to know about it, and fast. E-newsletters get the information out exactly to whom you want to see it, when you want them to see it.

Take advantage of this simple marketing tactic. Apply effective strategies to your business. Change what doesn't work, and improve what does.

Check out Mail Chimp and Constant Contact which allow you to create and manage e-newsletters.

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