Showing your customers appreciation during the holiday season

The holiday season is the perfect time to get to know your customers better. Nothing shows you appreciate their business more than getting involved with your community and customers by throwing or sponsoring a holiday party. Invite your valued customers and their families, your vendors and anybody who helps make your business successful.

Here are 5 suggestions for ways to show your appreciation:

Put a face to a name: Take this chance to engage with your customers and their families. Without the pressure of a sale or the stress of emergency maintenance, people will be more inclined to get to know you and your company.

Get everybody involved: Have attendees enter their name into a raffle and offer service and maintenance packages as large prizes, or promote other community businesses by giving away gift cards or products from local retailers and restaurants.

Remember to say “Thank you”: Something as simple as a thank you card can really make an impression on your customers. Don’t forget to include a personalized sentiment and a hand-signed signature, for a unique touch that’ll let customers know you care. Your card can also feature upcoming promotions, coupons, or even an exclusive incentive for attending the upcoming community party.

Sponsor a community party: If your community has its own holiday party this year, get involved by offering a small donation in exchange for advertising, to get your name out there. Offer to include some of your staff to help with organizing and coordination.

Sponsor a charity party: Donate the proceeds to a charity or cause in your community that everyone cares about. This is a great way to show your customers and community that your business cares.

Getting involved in community events may cost time and money up front, but it’s well worth the effort to foster goodwill towards your company in your community. The payoff in customer relationships can be immense.

Don’t let this holiday season pass without considering throwing or sponsoring a community party for your customers and their families. It could lead to more business for you in the New Year! While you’re getting to know them better, make sure your customers stay warm and toasty this holiday season.

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