Improved Capabilities to help you grow your business faster
and become more profitable

Lead Management & Proposal Builder

More customized options to help you build detailed customer-specific proposals, faster.

Search like a pro

Quickly find lead or customer information with the new search feature.

Opt-in to Web Leads for CAP Dealers

Simplified and enhanced opt-in preferences.

Simplify pricing with new flat rate permits

In addition to city permit rates, you can set a flat rate permit for pricing calculations.

Ability to set times

Set times for your lead appointments and scheduled dates.

Improved user-experience

Throughout the tool.

Start using the Proposal Builder

AHRI Residential Matchup Tool

Now you can find the perfect AHRI certified match for Mini-Splits.

Create one-to-one single zone matches with the MLA and MPB lines including the new 3PB Single-Zone Mini-Split.

Effortlessly create multi-zone ducted and non-ducted combinations.

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