Software you can't live without in 2013

Software is essential in our businesses today. It helps us get around quicker and focus on the job at hand. And with each year, technology gets better.

Here, I've compiled a list of the top 3 field service software applications that you cannot live without this year.

The NEW HVACLS Learning Center

Training online has now become easier to access, easier to perform remotely, and easier to monitor (for managers). Technicians can work on a simulated reality board to practice their troubleshooting skills, Lennox dealers can access training directly on DaveNet, and HVAC business owners are able to monitor employee progress. There's even an assessment for every employee - more on that in a later blog.

Offers: See for trial offers.


Contracts, scheduling, CRM for salespeople, and much more, this cloud service makes it easy to collaborate. Bonus: access to experts and integration with other platforms like SalesForce.

Offers: Try it free for 30 days.

Lennox downloads

For Lennox dealers, the deal couldn't be any sweeter. An array of apps to download on employees' tablets make day-to-day life easier. See your Territory Manager for details.

What other software do you think will transform the industry in 2013?

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